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                  Welcome to zhongying water supply Hunan, China Website
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                  Variable frequency water supply industry to explore the market trend, to win the water supply to achieve steady rise


                  Variable frequency water supply industry to explore the market trend, to win the water supply to achieve steady rise


                      Variable frequency water supply industry to explore the market trend of China's water supply inverter industry after years of growth, in the exploration of the accumulation of a lot of valuable technical experience and professional personnel. With the vigorous development of the real estate, industry, medical and other industries, to provide a broad platform for the development of domestic variable frequency water supply industry. The domestic market is still the frequency of water supply to achieve a steady demand and the development trend of rise.
                      The general situation and development trend of frequency conversion water supply market: during the period of 12th Five-Year, the trend of the frequency conversion water supply device market is steadily upward. At present, the domestic market demand for high-grade variable frequency water supply is very large, but the requirements of domestic water supply inverter must meet the needs of users in terms of quality, delivery, etc.. Moreover, the real estate, industry, plastics industry, the largest demand for variable frequency water supply. International market: in recent years, the cost of labor in developed countries has increased, which is shifting to developing countries, especially in Southeast asia. The domestic production of high accuracy, frequency of water supply is mainly labor input for a large quantity of water supply to rely on imports to solve. Therefore, the middle and low frequency water supply device has great potential in the international market. As long as the quality of domestic frequency conversion water supply can be improved, delivery can be guaranteed, the frequency of water supply equipment export prospects are very optimistic. In addition, the international market demand for the frame and frequency conversion water supply standard parts are also great. At present, only a small amount of exports to the frame.
                      In the new world economic integration, the global manufacturing industry to accelerate the transfer to the mainland of China is the trend of the times, China will gradually develop into a world-class manufacturing base.
                      Obvious advantages of Guangdong, especially the Pearl River Delta region, will develop into the world's frequency converter water supply production center within ten years. Due to nearly $1 billion in import frequency conversion water supply device for every year in our country in recent years, the precision largecomplex long-life frequency conversion water supply is the majority, so from the perspective of reducing imports, this kind of high-grade water supply device, hardware tools share proportion in the market will gradually increase.


                  First, the middle frequency inverter water supply products overview
                      In order to solve the traditional living water supply system, negative pressure pump direct access to tap water pipe network of tap water pipe network, our company developed a new generation of innovation can win a series of non negative pressure water supply equipment (network regulation pressurization equipment). This product not only solves the problem of pollution two underground pool, also can be matched with pure water equipment, direct drinking water equipment as a booster, can be used in any a pressurized pipe network in water supply system. The series of products to obtain a number of new national patent.
                      Variable frequency water supply is a new type of pressurized water supply equipment in recent years. Firstly, according to the actual situation of setting water pressure, and time monitoring of municipal pipe network pressure, when the pressure is lower than the desired pressure, automatic control of inverter startup, adjust pump speed increase, the required pressure to rise until the pressure in the pipe to the user, and control the water pump constant pressure water supply at a constant speed operation. When the water consumption increases, the speed is increased, and when the water consumption is reduced, the rotating speed is reduced.
                      Win in the series of intelligent variable frequency water supply is my company in the win in the variable frequency variable voltage constant pressure water supply products based on the upgrade of the sixth generation of products. The equipment adopts fully closed design, can be directly connected with the municipal tap water pipe network, using variable frequency automatic control system to control the pump to protect the municipal network does not produce negative pressure by vacuum controller and steady flow regulating tank, automatic frequency of water supply pipe network pressurization to the user. At the same time, a large number of users to save water supporting investment in the use of the process to achieve the pressure on the number of how much, saving energy and energy consumption. No two pollution of water quality, users can use safe and sanitary living water. The equipment is the latest two water supply equipment.
                  The main technical data of the frequency conversion water supply:
                  Power range: 1.8-3000kW
                  Power supply voltage: 380/400/415/440/460/480/500VAC 3 phase + + 10%;
                  Power frequency: 35-50Hz
                  Control connection: 2 programmable analog inputs (AI); 1 programmable analog outputs (AO);
                  5 programmable digital inputs (DI); 2 programmable digital outputs (DO).
                  Continuous load capacity: 150% In, every 10 minutes to allow 1 minutes
                  Serial communication capability: the standard RS - 485 interface makes it easy to connect to the computer.
                  Protection features: over-current protection, I2t, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overheat protection, short-circuit protection, grounding protection, undervoltage buffer, motor under / overload protection, blocking protection, fault protection, AI serial communication signal loss protection.
                  The frequency conversion water supply device has the advantages of compact structure and convenient installation. After a variety of electrical safety certification, in line with GE, UL and quality certification system ISO9001 and ISO4001.
                  Won the direct torque control of unique inverter frequency conversion water supply device (DTC) function is the best way to control the motor, it can win in the direct control of AC motor frequency conversion water supply for all the core variables, without velocity feedback can achieve precise control of speed and torque of electric motor.
                  Win ACS600 frequency supply converter with built-in PID, PFC, and other eight kinds of pre flux application macros, simply select the required application macros, all the corresponding parameters are automatically set, input and output terminal will automatically configure the default application, macro configuration saves debugging time, reduce the error.
                  3 wins the variable frequency water supply programmable controller
                  PLC recommends the use of SIEMENS S7-200. SIMATIC S7-200 PLC is a small PLC modular system, can meet the performance requirements of the middle application; a wide range of various functional modules can be very good to meet and adapt to the automatic control task, universal combination various individual modules for expansion; distributed structure is simple and practical and multi interface and network capacity, making the application very user-friendly and simple and flexible; no fan design; when the control task increases, free expansion; integrated large scope makes it functions very strong.
                  A variety of high-performance CPU and rich with a number of convenient features of the I/O expansion module, so that users can choose the appropriate module based on the actual application. When the scale of the task is expanded, it can be used to extend the PLC at any time.
                  Technical index of medium frequency water supply:
                  1 water supply flow 0 - 1500 M3/H head
                  2 control motor power 0.75---1500KW
                  3 water supply households 10 - 10000 households
                  4 pressure control range 0.15 - 1.6MPa
                  5 average saving rate of 30 - 60%
                  The application range of frequency conversion water supply
                  To the new residential area, office building or Gaestgiveriet Hotel living water.
                  To lower the pressure of the tap water can not meet the requirements of the fire water.
                  The original transformation, pressure water supply equipment, can make full use of the original pressure tank.
                  It has built a pool, can be used without negative pressure equipment and common pool water supply mode, further energy saving.
                  To tap water plant water supply pumping station to the middle.
                  To industrial production and living water etc..
                  The circulating water system, various.





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