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                  Welcome to zhongying water supply Hunan, China Website
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                  zhongying High life pump focus niche market to bring new breakthrough


                  zhongying High life pump focus niche market to bring new breakthrough

                  Under the new economic norm, a comprehensive deepening of reform to the development of the water supply industry has brought opportunities and challenges. The third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed to make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources. The water supply industry in many enterprises like win water supply, development history and long-term pattern has been precipitated, but in the current environment, the old pattern may be loose, even if he is not willing to enterprise reform, will also have a certain pressure with the enterprise to reform.
                  "High life pump enterprises must put down the identity, if we adhere to the arrogant and complacent, it is hard to go on." Enterprises can not expect to make a lot of money, to get a better income, it is necessary to break through the value-added services.
                  Senior living water pump industry is one of the few do not have their own standards of the industry, the industry has not really set up a professional degree, and even the industry is not a logo. "China dream, water supply dream, tap straight drink dream", tap straight drink is a high level of a sign. Many countries in the world have achieved direct drinking, not China can not do, but no one take the risk to do. The water supply industry will be reconstruction, reconstruction of the power on the surface is the capital, the essence is service, is the brand. The water supply industry to push reform can push for more than ten years, the logic is not clear, he said, should be blue water to shape the future of the brand, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha city must establish a high level of water supply.
                  Water supply industry is at a new starting point, the rise of the future niche market, there will be additional part of care service value. The future development trend of the water supply industry is similar to the reform of the guest house. Public service is the basic service level, high life pump up the prices of basic services will become increasingly slow, high life pump company should explore the transfer from basic services to personalized service, the courage to deal with public service price decline trend, probably 20% of customers will bring 80% of the profits.
                  There are quite a few people are very concerned about the quality of life, will be willing to buy quality services, this part of the considerable profits. If you do a breakthrough in this area, but also enhance the value of the city and livable city is an important part of. In this regard, the future water supply to win from the professional and popular service, perfect personalized service.
                  In the new situation, including water supply, water companies to win with bigger, better and better." In the process of deepening the reform, is to choose to stick or break? Non negative pressure water supply equipment industry in the pursuit of specialization at the same time, there has been the integration of environmental services, systematic trend. In the face of a growing number of PPP projects, into more and more cross-border barbarians, water industry can stir up the beam, non negative pressure water supply equipment as the leading enterprises can integrate to other companies, are focused on the future direction of reform. All aspects of water supply can not only serve themselves, but should allow each link to serve themselves, and then serve the community, and then serve the country. Win the water supply is very clear strategic objectives is to do the central region's chief environmental service providers in the region to do the lead, do the lead, do benchmarking enterprises. So to break through, to continue to occupy the market.
                  Changsha win water supply equipment Co., Ltd. is a collection of non negative pressure water supply equipment, variable frequency water supply equipment, constant pressure water supply equipment, no tower water supply equipment, water pump pressurized water supply system in one of the intelligent innovative manufacturers. The company has long been committed to non negative pressure water supply, constant pressure frequency conversion water supply, two water supply, water supply technology innovation and research and development, and access to energy saving and environmental protection leading enterprises in the title of water. Products are widely used in high-rise residential buildings, factories and mines, Gaestgiveriet Hotel, schools, water plants, rural water supply projects and other fields. Our company is located in the beautiful capital of China - Changsha. In this fertile land of industrial infrastructure is complete and perfect the industrial supporting system of high-tech talent abundant, in support of the efforts of the company staff and customers, the company after years of sustainable development, energy-saving water supply equipment from talent shows itself in the industry, high quality products and services by the vast number of customers.

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